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I'm really grateful to my teachers & mentors.

I graduated as a Yoga Teacher in March 2013 by the Yogalife Foundation.
  1. 2008: Karin Lourdon:
  2. 2009: Nicky Foreman:
  3. 2010 - 2014: Devika Gurung: - 
  4. 2012 - 2013: Fabienne Huygen
  5. 2012 - 2013: Iris Snoeck
  6. 2012 - 2013: Sanjeev Bhanot:
  7. 2012 - 2013: Poonam Stecher:
  8. 2012 - 2012: Manoj Bhanot:
  9. 2012 - 2013: Patrick De Vleeschauwer:
  10. 2012 - 2013: Els Verheije:
  11. Trained by Yogalife Foundation in 2012/2013 - Yoga Acharya - 200 hours TTC
  12. Antastha Yoga - 2016 - 100 hours - ATTC Goa - Sanjeev Bhanot

In 2006, after a long professional career as an entrepreneur I got a burnout and was obliged to change my life. I discovered Yoga and this opened the door to a complete new live.
Article in - July 2014
Adventure lessons
By Susan Burnell

Today, successful working people aren’t waiting until they retire to have memorable travel experiences. Rather, many are opting for experiential travel, and discovering that it satisfies a deep human need. It opens up new ways to explore a passion, shift a perspective and probe beneath the surface for deeper understanding.

And when they return to work, they often find that their perspectives have changed in surprising and rewarding ways.

Finding balance to banish burnout

Vacation trips to India and Nepal made such an impression on Belgian business founder Walter Bauwens that he shifted his fundamental approach to work and life. The shift confused his two sons, who had always seen him as a hard-charging, purely business-focused role model.

After selling his successful management consulting firm in 2006, Bauwens stayed on in Brussels as CEO for three years. During that transition he began to change the pace and direction of his life. “It can be stressful to realize your dream,” he says. “When you reach a certain goal, you have to start a new dream.”

Seeking a stress antidote and a fresh vision, Bauwens and his wife Vivian ventured far beyond their comfort zone. In 2009, they spent time in the south of India where they explored yoga, meditation and ayurvedic medicine. In March 2010, they trekked up to the 5,000-meter level into some of Nepal’s most spectacular mountains. They hired a traditional guide and also enlisted a yoga instructor for their journey. It was cold, the terrain was rugged, and luxuries were scarce. “A lot happens when you’re surrounded by nature,” Bauwens says. “You get time to meditate and ‘meet yourself.’”

The experience got him thinking about how he might help business leaders have more-balanced lives. “Often, leaders work so hard, and are so focused on results and budgets, that they forget to live life to the fullest,” Bauwens notes.

Back home, Bauwens began exploring ways to incorporate relaxation techniques and a more well-rounded focus into the workplace. “In Belgium, this approach was a new way of thinking,” he says. “It’s convincing when people see that an authentic leader—one whose work life and private life do not contradict—can get the best out of people and do the best job for the business.”

Earlier this year, Bauwens formed a new company, through which he organizes retreats in Nazaré on Portugal’s Silver Coast, with Vivian preparing vegetarian meals. And the journey that began to banish burnout continues as Bauwens helps other leaders see a different, more meaningful pathway to success.
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