Belgium Yogi


Himalayan Yoga Experience with BelgiumYogi Walter Bauwens

During my Sabbatical in 2010 I stayed for 10 weeks in Nepal with a Nepalese family.
A real Yogi experience.
I went back every year and now we are setting up "the HimalayanYogine Home" near to the beautiful lake in Pokhara.

Belgium Yogi raised 4030 Euro for the relief work and Charity after the earthquake beginning 2015.
Thank you to all family, friends, colleagues, yogi's, yogini's and Adecco Belgium. 

Why the Himalayan experience?

Do you ask yourself sometimes if you are doing the right things in life? Are You interested to go out of your comfort zone?
What if you would go to your real self - the so called "human soul". Explore emotions and balance by living in the moment. 
How much love can we share with each other? Dare to give unconditional love.
Increase your consciousness and be more authentic.


To discover what Yoga & Meditation can bring for you in your daily life. To challenge yourself and opening your mind but especially your heart. To walk into the highest mountains of the world. 
To exceed your own limits.
Tot find back your inner balance, self assurance and trust.

Yearly BelgiumYogi organizes a 15 days trip to Nepal where he guides max. 6 - 8 persons towards an unique experience. He is your personal Yoga & Meditation Teacher and offers Deep Tissue Massage & Healings.
All profits are meant for the finishing of the building of the "Himalayan Yogini Retreat Center".

Trekking of 6 days is included - also a visit to "The Hindu Medicine Woman" and Devika' Shamanic Guru.

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